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Friends Only [Jun. 20th, 2020|01:20 am]
Daddy Rhon


If  you are curious about my art and my creative writing projects,
check out my blog at daddyrhon.com

- or "friend" me on El Jay -

and I will most likely friend ya back if I know you
or we have friends in common.

Peace ~ Daddy Rhon





for old times sake [Aug. 2nd, 2010|03:52 pm]
Daddy Rhon

Oh, connecting on Facebook is so driveby, and intermixed amongst my FB friends are so many folks there who were once part of my intimate my family, people who don't speak to me since my divorce years ago. I just don't do well with change, I guess, cuz even after settling into peace after such an upheaval in my life, there are so many people I truly miss.

So fawk Facebook tiny updates and here's to one last old-fashioned gratitude list, El Jay style...

1) Meesha Lou. Meesha Lou. She finally learned to love that dang Fender at Rock Camp last week, and had her first rowdy gig at a crowded bowling alley. I had solid plans for the kid most of the summer, and she's learning so much about herself. I'm learning about her too as she grows older, and about mutual respect, stretching all I know of love. (And sometimes stretching my patience!) She's at grief camp this week. Run by a pack of do-gooder Lesbians. And you know, Lesbians will be the ones to save the planet. I believe it takes a community to raise a child, and I keep reaching to make sure she has all she needs, and has enough exposure to responsible, caring, sane grownups.

2) Mah babygrrl! We're outta here... 10 hours on the road tomorrow to the best strip of beach for five stolen days, and fuck it awwwllll.

3) For awhile, I felt such a raggedy-hearted responsibility toward all the BF.com family, but now I see all of our collective love became seeds, scattered everywhere, rooting and thriving. As it should be. :)  I might just wander back in one day, a long lost cousin. I can handle the haters. When I was a webmaster, I always knew the misguided hate was just some reflection of someone else's experiences/expectations. Alot of the love was too, I learned. Ouch, but its good to know whats real. These days, I only want real. I do need those good people who get me in my life, and I hope I find an extended family again, beyond this stupid screen. For me and my girls.

4) My therapist. Man, did that lady save me. I work on my shit, eyes pried open to the beauty and to the ache. Back to essence. Back to feeling my own breath in my own chest, blowing on embers. Thank you, Judy.

5) Reuniting with my old beloved BFF Austin. Goddamn, I love hys whole face! My bud Colin whom I have known 30 years, best family man ever.

6) I'm grateful to be able to lead my family. It brings out the best in me.

7) Vulnerability has always been my muse, and I will bleed to connect with others through art or writing, hoping to hit upon some sustained note that reminds us all of our joys and sorrows. But lately I am trying to learn to let people love me back. Small scale exposure, these little experiments into utter openness, but I gotta say, holding my leaden arms out is like cracking ribs. Always... *always* love or fear, and astounding how they mingle and muddle.

8) You guys who've been such a support to me over the years, wherever you went. Love ya. And thanks.
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Teen Girl's "Boyfriend" Was Woman, 31 [Jul. 7th, 2010|06:06 pm]
Daddy Rhon

--A 31-year-old Ohio woman who posed as a teenage boy is facing felony charges after cops discovered that she was engaged in an illicit sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl who was unaware of the bizarre impersonation scheme....

Police report on
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2010|08:03 am]
Daddy Rhon
Oh. I tell my kid gently that although school is out, everyone else still has to work. So she slumps out of my office, only to return ten minutes later, bored and lonely. She's actually an exhaustive extrovert who hasn't yet learned the required outreach skills. So... I am it. Today I am dropping her and her weird little friend off at the water park, but first I am gonna extort some child labor and make her help me out in the yard. I'm still nursing my leggy spring flowers, not yet ready to let the sear take them.

God, Texas summers are just gross. Come August, the roads are virtually empty, your steering wheel burns your hands, and we are all waiting out the last miserable weeks of scorch and mosquitoes.That's when I most want to chop off my mane and move to Seattle.
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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2010|09:23 am]
Daddy Rhon
I am so stoked about my upcoming art event.... http://www.artlovemagic.com/   (!!!) Seriously. *Excited*. 2000 people are expected. (!!!) I plan to exhibit the banned breast cancer portrait in honor of the model who passed away this summer, plus a buttload of my recent photographic work. I'll also have my easel set up and will work on a live painting during the event. I'm working with some of the most interesting female artists in Dallas with this group, and I can hardly stifle the inner WHOOT that keeps rising up in my chest!

Meesha is away at camp. In the mornings, I peek in her messy room like I always do when she's home. We fought before she left, but of course I miss my eye-rolly teen sumpin awful.

How could it be? I think maybe my Butch brother has come back to me. After all these years without my true blue. I feel so fortunate at the reconnecting we've been doing, tears keep welling up.

Me and babygirl are in a simple, peaceful, sweet place lately. I'm lucky to have the love of a good girl, and she helps her Daddy, too.

May have made a new artist friend. I'm pretty particular these days. But we'll see.
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Had a blast on the island! [Jun. 24th, 2010|11:17 am]
Daddy Rhon

Sweet family vacation we had at the beach house. :)  Thanks, George.
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2010|12:13 pm]
Daddy Rhon
'Bout to herd my kittens up over here so we can spend the week at my landlord's house on the beach. Got babygirl a little straw mat cuz she's real prissy and if sand got on her towel, it'd be terribly bothersome. Got me a fat Daddy chair and umbrella cuz I am old. And a boogie board for the Meesh. Change the oil, rotate the tires, and pack up the puppies. It's just nasty ol' brown water down in Galveston, but we are excited as if we going to the freekin Caribbean. I'll see my family while I am there, too, and my old high school friend of 30+ years.

baby's "new" car died. Transmission kaput. You don't even know the loops I have made this week getting them both where they need to be every day!

Meesha's been working with the Teen Observatory troupe at Dallas Children's Theatre since school let out, and their Broadway performance is today. Gonna pick up babygirl and swing over to the theatre. She lost some baby weight in her face (probably the karate), and grew another jump. This morning she was wearing babygirl's jeans and just looked so grownup with her lipgloss and big fluffy mane of hair. She'll probably be too old and rolly-eyed for summer camps by next year, but for now, its all fun and sun and as much swimming as we can cram in.

Happy Fathers Day to all the honorable Daddies who never get to celebrate who they are. This weekend, I plan to toast us all with my toes in the sand. :)
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2010|08:20 am]
Daddy Rhon
Everyone knows cigarettes are bad for you, but bad things that happen to other people, right?

Just read:

Of those who smoke 2 packs a day

--- HALF will die from their habit


--- ONE in 7 will DIE OF LUNG CANCER. (!!!)

Wow. I mean, usually the smoking circle is where the party is. When you're standing outside at any event feeling taking a smoke break, feeling a kinship with the crowd of other smoggers, draw a line on the ground right from your crotch and put half the folks on each side of the line. One side is a grave and you got a foot in it.

Uhg. I don't want to start again.
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chuckle-worthy [Jun. 11th, 2010|11:44 am]
Daddy Rhon
Ha! I returned the cheapie patio table I got at Homo Depot cuz ... well... to be honest, it just wasn't like the one I sold in a garage sale when we left the Love Shack. So I have been up and down Craigslist for a solid month hoping to score a table I liked as much as my old one.

And what do you think I found this morning? Hehe. My old table! I don't mean one just like it. I mean the very same one! It's lovely, real teak and can easily seat 8. With the big rectangular wooden umbrella that fits it so well too. lol And Crate and Barrel sells replacement fabric for that umbrella, I see. :)

Reminds me of a funky painting I lost, sold, and traded... bye bye bye three times. And yet somehow, that little painting is still hanging in my hallway today.
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baby so purdy last nite... [May. 29th, 2010|12:23 pm]
Daddy Rhon

Went to a the monthly NLA munch with 2 other Butch-Femme couples and then to hear some hippy band at the newest dyke bar last night. The best part for me was glittery babygirl looked like a fancy dessert in her new summer dress. Some outdoor projects with my girls today, and then we'll watch a documentary about Girls Rock Camp which Meesha will be attending this summer. Grilling veggie bobs, corn cobs with chili and lime, and fat peppers stuffed with cream cheese. Sunny and perfect in Big D today!

Happy holiday, everyone. :)
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